INTRAKAT to Commence Operations for the Construction of a Model Solar Park in Giannouli, Larissa

Peania, January 26 2009 – INTRAKAT launched the establishment of a Solar Energy Park  to be constructed by the Company on its own land near the facilities of the Company’s Electromechanical Constructions plant in the area of Giannouli, Larissa.

For the construction of the solar energy park, which will be constructed by the Company in a total area of 4,000 m2, several state-of-the-art technologies regarding solar power generators will be implemented, the foundation base for these generators will be built including all other relevant material used in such projects. The objective of this application is to make use of INRAKAT’s vast knowhow and expertise in undertaking turn key projects.

It is noted that in this solar park, the joint use of a solar generators bank along with state-of-the-art Fuel Cells H2 technology will be used for the first time, at a very cost effective formula as far as the average consumer is concerned. The construction works will commence in February of 2009 and the start of the primary measurements / results are expected to come out in late spring of the same year.

The utilization and the development of, environmentally friendly, Renewable Energy Sources, is INTRAKAT’s strategic objective. The company is active in the field of turn key projects in the construction of solar energy parks, having established already strategic joint ventures with established equipment manufacturers. INTRAKAT, by exploiting its vast and long term expertise and knowhow in executing and delivering complex, high standard turn-key projects and applying its experience to this new energy sector, is now an expert itself in the Planning, the Selection and Procurement of the necessary Materials and Systems, their Installation, the Project Management and the Training and Systems Support (after sales service and operation) for the construction of Solar energy Parks.

Regarding Intrakat
Intrakat was founded in 1987 and belongs to Intracom Holdings Group of companies. The company holds a 6th degree contractor license from the Registrar of Contractor Companies, and as of November 2001 the company is listed on the Athens Exchange. In 2005 Intrakat merged by absorption with Intramet (steel structure company). Intrakat has extensive experience and advanced know-how in the fields of constructions of technical projects, steel structure and telecommunication projects. The company has gained long-term expertise in implementing state and private technical projects regarding: building works, infrastructure projects, broadband infrastructure projects, advanced technology and telecommunications projects, industrial and energy projects, E/M installations, steel structures, natural gas distribution projects and environment projects in Greece and abroad. Intrakat group employs 570 people.

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