Sustainable development in practice

Health and Safety

With special care for the health and safety of our employees throughout all Group operations, we have met the challenges imposed by covid-19 since early 2020 while implementing our business plan.

Respect to diversity and equal opportunities in practice (SDG5; SDG 8)

Participation of female in the economic activities of the company is not taken for granted. The adoption of practices to invite and include female employees in the organization and development of the Group activities is necessary and it is a long term process, related to the talent attraction and management as well as to the use of multiple skills, competences and experiences to build sustainable business models.

The Group offers opportunities for employment and collaboration with other companies and professionals in all local markets that is operating. It is among the priorities to support the development of new skills, as well as to invest in upskilling and reskilling of the youth and potentially future employees both male and female. This is an on-going effort and it is reflected to the indicators used to measure and monitor gender diversity in management and employment.

Circular economy: a new development model

Sustainable development is practiced in new and innovative models of co-operation aiming to address crucial issues for society and business, as in the case of wasting materials and reducing the impact of waste on environment. Reusing, recycling and reforming materials already used to save the waste of natural resources is an effort that requires building a “bottom – up approach”.

Experience gained by the development and operation of the Waste Management Unit in North Greece (Serres) confirms that the implementation of the 17 SDGs 2030 depends on SDG 17 that is about collaboration between private and public entities at both local and regional levels.

The results from the specific project link to the targets set for meeting the challenge of climate change but also the main tool to enable the creation of sustainable cities and communities as defined by SDG 11.