Manufacturing Units

Steel Structures

 Handles the production of steel structures and other demanding high quality products with tight specifications and tolerances. Production lines and equipment utilize advanced CNC technology, while the unit is certified for specialty steel welding, uses certified coating systems and has a dedicated pre-assembly area for complex steel structures.

 Electromechanical products and systems

Handles the production of thin steel and aluminum plate products and defense system parts. The unit’s main activities include the processing of thin carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum plates and profiles on automated punching lines, robotic bending machines, ΜΙG/TIG and spot welding systems, as well as insert placement, surface protection coatings, silkscreens and markings. The plant also includes shelter, cabinet and rack assembly lines.

Hot-dip galvanization

One of the largest and most advanced of its kind, Intrakat’s hot-tip galvanizing plant has an annual output capacity of 24,000 tons and can treat steel structures up to 14m long. The Special High Grade (SHG) zinc used is 99.995% pure, while the surface coating procedures are ISO 1461, ASTM A-123, DIN 50928, DIN 50976 and BS729 certified, providing highly effective corrosion resistance in adverse (saline, corrosive or acidic) environments. Hot-dip galvanizing and the resulting durable coating minimizes the maintenance requirements of steel structures, ensuring complete protection, enduring reliability and a long service life at minimal cost.