Prefabricated Metallic Shelters

A. FLAT PACK Shelters

The above shelters are available at flat pack form. This type of shelters reduces the cost of transport and facilitates transport and assembly on site, in cases where there is no access Also available: Prefabricated school classrooms, fulfilling the specs set by the Organisation for School Buildings which service schools, offices and hygiene areas on the spot. CLIENTS: Cosmote, Vodafone Global, Vodafone Hellas, Vodafone Albania, TIM, OTE, OSE, AMC, Romtelecom, Globul, Telelink, Hellascom, INTRACOM Telecom, Armentel Mobile, Mega Tyletypos, ALTER Channel, Alpha TV, ABB, Romcon, Siemens AG (Global Partner), Siemens Dubai, Siemens Pakistan, Siemens Hellas, OSK, Connex Romania.

B. Shelters of base substations with self supporting antennas

Συνδυασμός οικίσκου και αραχνοειδούς ιστού για τη δημιουργία αυτόνομων σταθμών κινητής τηλεφωνίας. Οι σταθμοί αυτοί απαιτούν πολύ μικρό χρόνο εγκατάστασης και απεγκατάστασης (μεταφοράς από σημείο σε σημείο).

C. One storey and two storey shelter complexes

Shelter combinations for equipment and staff.

D. Shelters for generators

Shelters for generating sets and oil tanks in order to ensure constant power flow to network equipment and machinery.

E. Shelters for electronic equipment

• Mobile telephony
• Wireless telecommunication networks
• Tracking systems (RADAR)
• TV transmission
• Railway networks
• Defence industry networks