Rolled Products

A. Consoles of Control Centers

Useful and specially adjusted consoles are studied and designed combining ergonomical and anthropometric needs of users. Indicative applications: consoles of air traffic control at the airports of Ellinikon & Teheran, consoles of sea traffic control of the Ministry of Mercantile Marine.

B. Telephone booths

Highly aesthetic Telephone Booths are constructed which provide comfort to users and are installed indoors and outdoors.

C. Cabinets (for exterior use)

Cabinets were designed to operate under adverse weather conditions according to the definition ETSI 300 019-1-4, annex Α1.

• Anti-vandalism type cabinets.
• Weather resistant(protection grade IP55) and ensured top quality in a highly corrosive environment. The cabinets are constructed by hot-dip galvanized steel sheets (zinc coating 600 gr/m2) and are subjected to special phosphate processing and electrostatic powder coating.
• Earthquake resistant without any impact on their construction integrity.
• Heat regulators and double insulated walls ensure that the equipment remains cool.
• Heat regulators are also incorporated to manage the operation of heat exchangers and fans in the cabinets. The regulator can support alarm and NMS reporting.

D. Cabinets (for interior use)
Several types of cabinets for interior use and related parts are available. Dimensions can differ according to the ETSI and 19’’ regulations.

• Cabinets with airing openings. (Available with or without doors).
• EMC Cabinets (electromagnetic compatibility).
• Racks can be established at a range together with all their parts

E. Cabinets
A large variety of products is provided which is adjusted to the requirements and needs of the clients. Special applications cabinets for sheltering:

• Electrical and Electronic equipment.
• Telecommunications and network systems.
• Fiber optics.

for interior or exterior use. INTRAKAT cabinets have the adequate features of connectivity, management and expansibility. Moreover, the company provides the possibility for custom-made solutions, depending on the clients’ requirements.