Peania, August 30 2007 – INTRAKAT Group released its 6M financial results according to I.F.R.S. in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (I.F.R.S.).

Turnaround marked the financial results of the first semester 2007 of Group INTRAKAT as the company turned profitable with remarkable growth rates.

In more detail, consolidated turnover stood at 67.95 mil over 37.85 mil, marking a substantial 79.5% increase from the respective period last year.

During the same period, Group gross profit also marked significant increase and amounted to 7.58 mil. over 2.16 mil in the respective period last year. Accordingly, gross profit margin stood at 11.15% over 5.72% in the first semester of 2006.

Turnover marked the Group EBITDA in the first semester of 2007 and amounted to gain of 3.62 mil over losses of 1.65 mil last year.

Respectively, group before tax results reported gain of 657 form losses of 1,488 thou in the first semester of 2006, while net after taxes and minorities results amounted to gain of 323 thousands over losses of 1,167 thou in the respective period last year.

The continued growth of the group operations is attributed to the new specialized projects in the construction sector awarded both in Greece and abroad as well as to the operating restructuring of the metallic constructions plant.

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Regarding INTRAKAT

The company INTRAKAT was founded in 1987 and belongs to INTRACOM HOLDINGS Group of companies.Since 1999 the company has a 6th degree contract licence from the Register of Contracting Companies, and as of November 2001 the company listed on the Athens Stock Exchange.In 2005 INTRAKAT merged by absorption INTRAMET (Metal Construction Company).

INTRAKAT has vast construction experience and technical know-how in the areas of technical works, metallic constructions and telecommunications infrastructure works.In the last 20 years it constructs public as well as private technical works, in Greece and abroad, in the following areas: building projects, infrastructure projects, high-technology and telecommunications infrastructure projects, industrial and energy infrastructure projects, electro-mechanical facilities projects, metallic constructions, natural gas network distribution projects and environmental projects.INTRAKAT group of companies currently employs 620 persons.

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