Notification of the company

Notification of the company under the name INTRACOM CONSTRUCTIONS SOCIETE ANONYME TECHNICAL AND STEEL CONSTRUCTIONS with the distinctive title INTRAKAT regarding the appointment of new members of the Board of directors in substitution of members that resigned

Pursuant to article 2 paragraph (e) of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission Decision 3/347/12-7-2005 and to Law 3016/2002, as is in effect, the company INTRAKAT notifies that pursuant to the decision of the Board of directors dated 09/02/2009 the following were elected:

1. Socrates Kokkalis son of Socrates as new non executive member and
2. Dimitrios Pappas son of Aristides as new executive member
of the Company� BoD in substitution of the resigned members Mr. George Anninos son of Aristotelis and Mr. Evangellos Sakkas son of Panagiotis.

Following the aforementioned appointments, the composition of the new Board of Directors, whose term matures at 30.06.2013, is as follows:

1. Socrates Kokkalis son of Peter, Chairman of the BoD, Executive Member
2. Dimitrios Klonis son of Cristos, Vice Chairman A�of the BoD, Executive Member
3. Alexandros Mylonakis son of Emmanuel, Vice Chairman B�of the BoD, Executive Member
4. Petros Souretis son of Konstantinos, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Member
5. Nikolaos �Socrates Labroukos son of Dimitrios, Director, Executive Member
6. Charalambos Kallis son of Konstantinos, Director, Executive Member
7. Dimitrios Pappas son of Aristides, Director, Executive Member
8. Socrates Kokkalis son of Socrates, Director, Non Executive Member
9. Aristotelis Anninos son of George, Director, Non Executive Member
10. Anastasios Tsoufis son of Miltiades, Director, Independent Non Executive Member
11. Ioannis Chrysikopoulos son of Konstantinos, Director, Independent Non Executive Member