Announcement of regulated information of Law 3556/2007

INTRAKAT announces, pursuant to Law 3556/2007 (articles 3 & 21) and in conjunction with article 11 of Decision 1/434/03.07.2007 of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission Board of Directors, that EUROKAT SA, a legal entity related to Mr. Petros Souretis (as person obliged to disclose such information based on article 13 of Law 3340/2005), received on 10/08/2009 707,000 INTRAKAT Common Registered shares, with voting rights, as a result of INTRAKAT share capital increase for the absorption, amongst others, of the construction division of EUROKAT SA, which was approved by the Extraordinary Shareholders�Meeting dated 17.11.2008 and also approved by Decision of the Ministry of Development with protocol No Κ2-14428/28-11-2008 (Government Gazette No 13311/1.12.2008). the aforementioned 707,000 new shares owned by EUROKAT SA, an INTRAKAT subsidiary, are considered to be INTRAKAT treasury shares and are treated in accordance to the provisions of articles 16 and 17 of CL 2190/20.