Announcement regarding the Constitution of the Company’s Board of Directors into a body

INTRACOM CONSTRUCTIONS SOCIETE ANONYME TECHNICAL AND STEEL CONSTRUCTIONS with the distinctive title INTRAKAT informs the investment community that the Company� new Board of Directors, with a five-year term, which was elected by the Ordinary General shareholders’ Meeting dated 25-06-2009, convened into a body pursuant to the Decision of the Board of Directors as at 25-06-2009.

The constitution of the BoD into a body is as follows:
1. Socrates P. Kokkalis, Chairman of the BoD, Executive Director
2. Dimitris C. Klonis, Vice-Chairman of the BoD, Executive Director
3. Petros K. Souretis, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director
4. Nickolas-Socrates D. Labroukos, Member, Executive Director
5. Charalabos K. Kallis, Member, Executive Director
6. Dimitris A. Pappas, Member, Executive Director
7. Socrates S. Kokkalis, Member, Non-Executive Director
8. Ioannis K. Chrysikopoulos, Member, Non-Executive Director
9. Alexander E. Mylonakis, Member, Independent Non-Executive Director
10. Elias E. Eliopoulos, Member, Independent Non-Executive Director
11. Anastasios M. Tsoufis, Member, Independent Non-Executive Director