Announcement to the Athens Stock Exchange

INTRACOM CONSTRUCTION TECHNICAL WORKS S.A., announces that the Extraordinary General Assembly of shareholders held today, December 22, 2003, resolved the following:

1. It approved the partial change of share capital use that derived from the increase of share capital with cash. The indisposed balance of derived capitals, which on December 31, 2002 run into the total amount of �13.281.742, was approved to be used as follows:

α) The amount of �1.000.000, remains in the category “E/Μ Equipment”, to be used specifically for machinery and means of transport, hardware and software, licenses, and for the installation, parameterisation and implementation of the electronic data processing system S.A.P. (System Application Program).

β) The amount of �9.000.000, in the category “Amortisation-Founding of Businesses”, which concerns the participation of INTRAKAT in the capital of the company “AETHERAS ENERGY”. Finally, the amount of �3.281.742, remains in the category “Working Capital”.

2. It approved the election of a new Board of Directors and accredited the appointment of session, non-session and independent members as follows: Elected Members of the Board of Directors are: Mr. Socrates P. Kokkalis, Mr. Demetrios P. Giannikakis, Mr. Petros K. Souretis, Mr. Stefanos A. Stefanakis, Mr. Demetrios Ch. Klonis, Mr. Anastasios M. Tsoufis, Mr. Nikolaos-Socrates D. Lambroukos. Appointed non-Executive and independent members are: Mr. Anastasios M. Tsoufis and Mr. Nikolaos-Socrates D. Lambroukos.