New BoD

The Company “INTRAKAT TECHNICAL WORKS, S.A.”, notifies that according to the resolution of the Board of Directors Committee of Capital Market, article 4, paragraph 1, point e of 5/204/14.11.2002, the new Board of Directors of the Company, elected by the Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting on 23/06/2003, for a five year term, was composed as a body by resolution of the Board of Directors on 24/06/2003, and is as follows:

1) Socrates P. Kokkalis, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Session Member.

2) Konstantinos G. Dimitriadis, Vice Chairman of the B.o.D. & CEO, Session Member.

3) Dimitrios P. Giannikakis, Director, Session Member.

4) Theodoros P. Papadopoulos, Director, Session Member

5) Dimitrios Ch. Klonis, Director, Non-session Member.

6) Stefanos A. Stefanakis, Director, Non-session Member.

7) Stylianos A. Diploudis, Director, Non-session Member.

8) Panagiotis I. Skaltsas, Director, Independent Non-session Member.

9) Nikolaos- Socrates D. Lambroukos, Director, Independent Non-session Member.