Announcement disposal of Informatory Note

The Company announces that according to the resolution of the Board of Directors of the Athens Stock Exchange Nr. 64/29.3.2001, regarding the composition and disposal of an informatory note, all information regarding the disposal of capital, which derived from the increase of the company’s Share Capital by the resolution of the Shareholder’s General Assembly on 20.09.2001 and as their disposal was amended by the resolution of the shareholder’s General Assembly on 27.12.2002 and 23.06.2003, are included in the informatory note, which will be at the disposal of the Investor public on Monday, September 1, 2003 at 15.00 hours at the Athens Stock Exchange, at the Subscriber Information Hall (room) (1, Akadimias & Asklipioy str.- 1st floor), at the ΣΜΕΧΑ offices, as well as at the Company’s offices ( 21 km., Markopoulou Ave. – 194 00 Koropi, Attiki).

For more information, those interested should address the Company’s Investor Relations Department (tel. 210 667 4695)