INTRAKAT undersigned contracts for two new projects

Peania, Tuesday 31 July 2012

The J/V “AKTOR ATE- MOCHLOS S.A – INTRAKAT” recently signed a contract with the Ministry of Infrastructures,
Transportations and Networks for the project: « Settlement of the Eshatia Stream – Part 1 (from the Ilion Square up to the Efpyridon conduit junction) ».
The total budget of the project is 59,1 mil euro plus VAT, and the works involve:

1. construction of a closed rectangular twin culvert of total length 3.3 km
2. new sewage pipelines construction, with total length of 2.1 km
3. construction and operation of a pumping station with nominal flow rate 2,340 m3/hour
4. new railway bridge construction made of reinforced concrete, with a 23,75 m span
5. construction of rainwater pipeline with 410 m total length

The participation of INTRAKAT in the J/V is 25% and the project is expected to be complete within 34 months from the signing of the contract.
Furthermore, INTRAKAT signed a contract with the Hellenic PPC of a total budget of 2.9 mil euro for the project
« Manufacturing and construction of lengthwise equipment for conveyor belts B = 2400mm for the new node of the South Mine Field-Sector 7».
The works include the design, procurement, construction, transportation, assembly, erection and testing of the conveyor belts.
Τhe project is estimated to be complete in about a year.

About Intrakat
INTRAKAT was founded in 1987 and is a member of the INTRACOM HOLDINGS Group of companies.  It has been listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 2001 and is classified in the Register of Contractor Companies as a holder of a seventh class contractor’s certificate.  In 2005 it merged with Intramet, a steel construction company.  Backed by its lengthy experience, INTRAKAT executes high technology, specialized projects in the technical area (construction – infrastructure) and in the areas of the environment, renewable energy sources, technology and telecommunications infrastructures, energy, industrial plants, metal constructions, real estate development and natural gas in Greece and abroad.  The Intrakat Group employs 399 persons.


Contact person
Ioanna Papavasiliou, Intrakat Communications Department
T: 21–06674346  E: ipapav@intrakat.gr   Web: www.intrakat.com