The J/V J&P AVAX-AEGEK CONSTRUCTIONS –INTRAKAT signed a new contract of 79.1M euros with ERGA OSE AE.

Peania, February 01, 2012

A joint venture comprising of the companies J&P-AVAX, AEGEK Construction and INTRAKAT SA, in which INTRAKAT participates with a 33.33% stake, signed with ERGA-OSE SA on 31.01.2012 a contract for the project titled «Construction of infrastructure for the new twin railway line in the section marked from 73+135 to 79+750 (80+493 in new line), railway stations and stops (buildings, platforms, covers and landscaping) and E&M installations of roadworks  in the Kiato-Rododaphni section», budgeted at €79.1 m (excl. revisions and VAT).

The project pertains to the construction of the infrastructure for an approximately 7-km section of the new high-speed rail line, along with all related railway and road works, bridges, underpasses, sewerage, irrigation and other smaller technical works.

It also includes the passenger building, covers, foot underpasses, E&M installations and landscaping at three railway stations and six minor railway stops along with all road lighting installations in the Kiato-Rododaphni section in Northern Peloponnese.

The contract sets a 30-month deadline for completion of works.


About Intrakat

INTRAKAT was founded in 1987 and is a member of the INTRACOM HOLDINGS Group of companies.  It has been listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 2001 and is classified in the Register of Contractor Companies as a holder of a seventh class contractor’s certificate.  In 2005 it merged with Intramet, a steel construction company.  Backed by its lengthy experience, INTRAKAT executes high technology, specialized projects in the technical area (construction – infrastructure) and in the areas of the environment, renewable energy sources, technology and telecommunications infrastructures, energy, industrial plants, metal constructions, real estate development and natural gas in Greece and abroad.  The Intrakat Group employs 391 persons.

Contact person

Ioanna Papavasiliou, Intrakat Communications Department

T: 21–06674346  E: ipapav@intrakat.gr   Web: www.intrakat.com