Announcement of the resolution of the Extraordinary General Assembly of the shareholders of INTRAKAT, of March 12, 2012, regarding the purchase of treasury shares


In the context of its obligations under article of ASE Regulations, INTRACOM CONSTRUCTIONS SOCIETE ANONYME TECHNICAL AND STEEL CONSTRUCTIONS informs investors that its Shareholders’ Extraordinary General Meeting held on the 12th of March 2012 resolved, among others, the purchase of own shares up to 10 % of all Company shares, according to article 16 of C.L. 2190/1920, at a maximum purchase price of five (5.00) euros per share and a minimum purchase price of ten cents (0.10) per share.
Purchases are to be effectuated within twenty four (24) months from the date of the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 12.03.2012.
Furthermore, authorization was granted to the Board of Directors for the observation of the legal
formalities under the provisions of law (article 16 of C.L. 2190/1920, as currently in force).

Peania, 12-03-2012