Agreement signing and commencement of construction of the Waste Treatment Unit for the 2nd Administrative Division of Boeotia Prefecture, budgeted at 16.3 million euros.

Paiania, 18/07/2017 – The agreement regarding the ‘Construction of a Waste Treatment Unit for the 2nd Administrative Division of Boeotia Prefecture’ between the INTRAKAT – WATT SA joint venture and the Central Greece Regional Waste Management Authority was signed yesterday during an event held at the offices of the Central Greece Regional Association of Solid Waste Management Organizations, which was attended by Socratis Famelos, Deputy Minister of the Environment and Energy and Kostas Bakoyannis, Regional Governor of Central Greece.


The project entails the construction of an Urban Solid Waste Treatment Plant for the Municipalities of Thebes, Aliartos and Tanagra, which can treat up to 35,000 tons of Urban Solid Waste annually, and is implemented as part of the National and Regional Waste Management Plan.


The project, budgeted at 16.3 million euros, is co-funded by the NSRF ‘Transport Infrastructure, Environment and Sustainable Development 2014-2020’ Operational Program and construction is expected to be completed in approximately 18 months.


In this context, the principles of cyclical economy focusing on recycling and re-use will be put into practice, offering a structured and well thought out solution to the problem of mixed waste and the handling of the sludge produced by the area’s biological treatment facility.


The new Waste Treatment Unit in combination with the Thebes sanitary landfill site comprise an integrated facility for the treatment of the area’s waste, offering clear benefits in terms of protecting the environment, safeguarding public health, conserving natural resources and raw materials, saving energy, promoting recycling and strengthening the local community.


When fully operational, the new facility will reduce the amount of non-usable waste taken to the pre-treated waste landfill, prolong the lifespan of the sanitary landfill and eliminate the possibility of fines and fees being imposed on the local authorities for dumping untreated waste on landfill sites.


The existing plan provides for 125 new job positions during the unit’s construction and operation phase, as well as many indirect job openings related to the project that will be created to meet the needs of the entire investment in the local economy.