Presentation of development plan and main objectives

The main objectives of INTRAKAT S.A. – as incorporated in its new development plan – are focusing on stabilizing sales and improving operating profits both in local and international markets. More specifically, the objectives-prospects of the company include the following:

  • To sustain profitability through corporate restructuring.
  • To stabilize sales in the Telecommunications sector and in particular, in mobile telephony services.
  • To undertake construction projects (buildings, industrial projects) of both the Public and Private Sector.
  • To involve the subsidiary company IN.MAINT in activities related to the maintenance of industrial establishments, as the prospects for such an initiative are particularly positive due to the lack of competition and corresponding organized companies in the local market.
  • To penetrate into Environmental Management projects and the exploitation of natural resources, through cooperation with relevant specialized companies, on local and international scale.
  • To participate actively and expand its activities in the area of natural gas, through the development of natural gas networks and promote them via the newly-established company KEPA ATTIKIS as an effective energy product.
  • To enhance its presence in its established international markets network in Romania, Bulgaria, Skopije, Albania, Libya, via the development of strategic cooperation with corresponding Greek and foreign companies, which operate in the local market.
  • To cooperate with significant local construction companies in order to initiate its involvement in self-financing projects, assignment contracts and infrastructure projects. Furthermore, the turnover of the company is expected to stand somewhere between euros 38-42m, while if the company’s holdings in joint ventures are to be added, then turnover would amount from euros 50-54m. Profits are estimated to reach the same levels as last year (15-16%).

The turnover of the subsidiary company “INTRACOM CONSTRUCT’ is expected to reach euros 8m in the current fiscal year versus euros 5.9m in 2003. Also, the company IN.MAINT has already concluded significant maintenance service contracts with companies of the INTRACOM GROUP, Delta Singular, Mytilineos, Korassidis, etc. and its estimated turnover for 2004 will reach euros 1m, while its turnover in 2005 will exceed euros 2m.