INTRAKAT undertook new projects for the construction of METROPOLITAN FIBER OPTICS NETWORKS

INTRAKAT undertook new projects for the construction of METROPOLITAN FIBER OPTICS NETWORKS of a total budget of 1.9 million eur

Peania, September 18 2008 – Two new projects are added to the substantial number of projects that Intrakat carries out in the specialized field of metropolitan fiber optics networks, where it holds a leading position.

Intrakat signed recently the two new contracts with the municipalities of Komotini and Thiva, and their budget amount to 1.08 million EUR and 0.824 million EUR respectively.

The contracts include the supply, installation, commissioning and operational guarantee of the fiber optics networks underground infrastructure, of the active telecommunication equipment and its connectivity to the network infrastructure and of the wireless and access network infrastructure. The fiber optics networks will cover a total of 15 km for the municipality of Komotini and 11.5 km for the municipality of Thiva and the works are expected to be completed within 2009.

The construction of the networks is being conducted under the information Society Operational Program and constitutes a leverage for the development and improvement of quality of everyday life in the Greek region, especially in rural areas, with the provision of better and more efficient services in many aspects of public and private activities.

With the addition of these projects Intrakat is accomplishing its strategic plan for further enhancing its activity in the specialized field of telecommunications infrastructure projects where the company has a lead.

At the same time INTRAKAT has underway a share capital increase via rights issue, with the preemptive right to the existing shareholders and the offer of 29,163,750 new common registered shares at 0.30 EUR par value each. The new shares are being offered pro rata 3 new for every 5 owned and the offer price is 0.55 EUR per new share. The total proceeds of up to 16.04 million EUR of the rights issue will be used to reduce short term debt of the Company and to finance new projects. The rights exrercize period is set from September 12 to September 26, 2008 and is being carried out at the ALPHA BANK branches network.

Regarding Intrakat
Intrakat was founded in 1987 and belongs to Intracom Holdings Group of companies. Since 1999, the company holds a 6th degree contractor license from the Register of Contractor Companies, and as of November 2001 the company listed on the Athens Stock Exchange. In 2005 Intrakat merged by absorption with Intramet (steel structure company). Intrakat has extensive experience and advanced know-how in the fields of constructions of technical projects, steel structure and telecommunication projects. Over the past 20 years, the company implements public and private technical projects regarding: building works, infrastructure projects, broadband infrastructure projects, advanced technology and telecommunications projects, industrial and energy projects, E/M installations, steel structures, natural gas distribution projects and environment projects in Greece and abroad. Intrakat group employs 570 people.

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