INTRAKAT – 2020 Financial Calendar

Paiania, 19/06/2020

Ref No: 62000272.-

SUBJECT: INTRAKAT – 2020 Financial Calendar

INTRAKAT announces its 2020 Financial Calendar, in accordance with articles 4.1.2 (b) & of the Hellenic Exchanges’ Regulation and in the context of timely and proper notification of the investor community:

Friday 19/06/2020 – Release of the Annual Financial Results for FY 2019, which will be posted on the Athens Exchange website (www.helex.gr) and on the company’s website (www.intrakat.gr).

Thursday 25/06/2020 – Annual reporting to analysts regarding the Company’s financial results of the FY 2019

Friday 17/07/2020 – Shareholders’ Annual General Assembly

The company will not distribute dividend for the FY 2019.