In compliance with article 4 of the Capital Market Commission’s Board of Directors Regulation 5/204/14.11.2000 on disclosure requirements from Companies listed in the Athens Stock Exchange, we announce that, the Company under the corporate name “INTRAKAT TECHNICAL WORKS, S.A.” and with the distinctive title “INTRAKAT” together with Ioannis G. Valsamidis, Dimosthenis G. Valsamidis and Dimitrios A. Pappas incorporated a Societe Anonyme under the corporate name “ΙΝ.ΜΑΙΝΤ INSTALLATION MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR S.A.” and with the distinctive title “IN.MAINT”.
The company’s headquarters is based in the Municipality of Koropi in the Attiki Prefecture.
Scope of the incorporated Societe’ Anonyme Company is:
a. The maintenance and repair of all types of installations in mobile and non-mobile assets.
b. The trading and transport of all types of equipment (material) that are relevant to the above mentioned in paragraph (α) installations.
c. The participation in Government tenders of any nature, Legal Entities of the Public and Private Law, and in general organisations, Public and private businesses with the intention of undertaking works, which are related directly or indirectly with the scope of the company.
d. All the relevant to the above works.
The duration of the company is defined to thirty (30) years.
The share Capital of the Company is set at three hundred thousand (300.000) euro debilitated in full and divided in three hundred thousand (300.000) nominal shares, nominal value of each at one (1) euro.
The participation of “INTRAKAT” in the above capital amounts to a percentage of 60%, Ioannis G. Valsamidis at 25%, Dimosthenis G. Valsamidis at 13% and Dimitrios Pappas at 2%.
The corporate financial use is of twelve months duration, commencing from 01/01 and ending on 31/12 of each year, with the exception of the first ending on 31/12/2005.
The Company is directed by the Board of Directors, which consists of three to nine (3-9) members with a 5-year term.
First B.o.D. and its term.
The first Board of Directors comprises the following:
1) Petros K. Souretis, Civil Engineer, born in Kavala in 1969, resident of Chalandri, Attiki, 33 Ivis str., I.D. Nr. S 681022/29-4-1999 of the Ag. Paraskevis Police Department.
2) John G. Valsamidis, Economist, born in Athens on 7-2-1970, resident of Koridallos, Attiki, 70, Averof str., I.D. Nr. Ν. 190983/31-7-1986 of the Η’ Piraeus Security Police Branch.
3) Dimosthenis G. Valsamidis, Mechanical-Electrical engineer, born in Athens on 8-7-1966, resident of Koropi, Attiki, 17, Psaron str., I.D. Nr. F. 387187/13-7-2001 of the Police Department of Piraeus.
4) Nikolaos I. Kamoulakos, employee, born in Athens in 1960, resident of Vrilissia, Attiki, 15, 28th Octovriou str., I.D. Nr. S. 247074/7-8-1996 of the Police Department of Chalandri.
5) Dimitrios A. Pappas, Civil Engineer, born in Athens on 9-10-1972, resident of Athens, 44, Kordiktonos str., I.D. Nr. X. 142775/5-1-1989 of the Η’ Athens Police Department.
Its term is until the first six-month of the year 2006.
Auditors of the first corporate financial use.
Specifically appointed are:
Ordinary Auditor, Mr. Alexandros E. Tziortzis, certified auditor accountant with Registration number S.O.E. 12371, Deputy Auditor, Mr. Sotirios N. Filos, certified auditor accountant with Registration number Σ.Ο.Ε. 12471. Both of them are from the auditory company “ASSOCIATION OF CERTIFIED AUDITORS – ACCOUNTANTS “S.O.L” S.A. CERTIFED AUDITORS”.