2022 Financial Calendar

Paiania, 28/04/2022

SUBJECT: INTRAKAT – 2022 Financial Calendar

INTRAKAT announces its 2022 Financial Calendar, in accordance with articles 4.1.2 (b) & of the Hellenic Exchanges’ Regulation and in the context of timely and proper notification of the investor community:

Friday 29/04/2022 – Release of the Annual Financial Results for FY 2022, which will be posted on the Athens Exchange website (www.helex.gr) and on the company’s website (www.intrakat.gr), following the closing of the ATHEX trading session.

Friday 13/05/2022 – Annual reporting to analysts regarding the Company’s financial results of the FY 2021

Monday 27/06/2022 – Shareholders’ Annual General Assembly

The Board of Directors will propose to the Shareholders’ Annual General Assembly the non-distribution of dividend for the FY 2021.

The Company reserves the right to modify the above dates, after informing the investor community in good time with an amendment to the present, in accordance with the provisions of the Hellenic Exchanges’ Regulation.