Annual Briefing of Analysts regarding FY2020 Financial Results & New Corporate Strategy

Paiania, Monday, June 7, 2021

The annual briefing of analysts regarding FY2020 financial results has taken place today. The Company’s Management after having presented the highlights of the previous year, answered to the questions of analysts that participated in the briefing.

In addition, the Group’s new strategy was announced, according to which Intrakat enhances its presence and focus its activity on public infrastructure projects, PPPs, concessions, renewable energy sources and real estate development in the tourism sector, investing in the new market outlook.

The Group intends to develop a portfolio of high-end products, aiming at the transition of Intrakat to a new business model, which will maximize shareholders’ value via the enhancement of recurring revenues and EBITDA, the generation of secured cash flows, the diversification of activity and the achievement of strategic synergies.

Initially the Company will proceed to a merger with “GAIA ANEMOS S.A.”, which is activated in the RES sector and possesses licenses for the production of electric power from wind farms and photovoltaic stations, with a total capacity of approximately 1.1GW. Total potential investment amounts to €1 billion.

Concerning Intrakat
Intrakat was founded on 1987 and is a member of Intracom Holdings Group. Since 2001 the company is listed in ATHEX and holds a 7th class degree of the Register of Public Works Contractors. In 2005 the company merged with metallic constructions company Intramet. Intrakat is active in the construction of public infrastructure projects, PPPs, environmental and innovation projects in Greece and abroad, having accumulated over its 35-years presence in the market, significant experience, know-how as well as extended specialization.
Press Contact
Ioanna Papavasileiou, Corporate Communications Manager
T: 21–06674646 E: ipapav@intrakat.gr W: www.intrakat.com