Announcement on INTRAKAT share capital as per Law 3556/2007

Paiania, 18/07/2017

Ref.No: 61700872.-


Subject: «Announcement on INTRAKAT share capital as per Law 3556/2007»


INTRAKAT, according to Law 3556/2007, as in force, informs the investing public that, following:

(a) the completion of the Company’s share capital increase by capitalization of liabilities and abolishing the pre-emption right of the old shareholders in favor of INTRACOM HOLDINGS, by an amount of 3,051,000.88 euros, decided by the Shareholders’ Ordinary General Meeting of 26/06/2017 and


(b) the subsequent commencement of share trading, on 18/07/2017, of the resulting 2,243,383 new Common Registered shares


The deposited share capital of INTRAKAT now amounts to 34,540,780.88 euros and the total voting rights amount to 25,397,633, corresponding to an equal number of Common Registered shares, of nominal value of 1.36 euros each.