Agreement between the Thessaloniki Municipality and Intrakat for the Controlled Parking System in the Municipality of Thessaloniki

Press Release

Paiania, 17/03/2017 – The Municipality of Thessaloniki announced yesterday the signing of a contract with Intrakat for the installation and operation of a Controlled Parking System in the Municipality of Thessaloniki.


The coalition of Intrakat and Intrasoft International in collaboration with Park Pal undertakes to install and operate a modern controlled parking system using ICT in specific road sections of three Communities (A, C, E) in the Municipality of Thessaloniki, which consists of 1,987 short-term spaces for visitors and 6,054 resident exclusive spaces.


This controlled parking system is the most advanced and integrated technology solution in Europe with online functions for services interface, control and public information. It is user friendly, fully electronic (does not require use of paper), with various choices in how to park (via voice call, sms, internet, app, pos) and several payment options, while allowing parking charge per minute via telephone (call, sms, app).


The concession contract has duration of 5 years and includes spatial management and operation of the controlled parking system, while enforcement is the responsibility of the competent body of the municipality. The operation of the new controlled parking system is expected to take place in five months.


The Mayor of Thessaloniki, Mr. Yiannis Boutaris, during the press conference, stated: “The operation of the advanced Controlled Parking System will substantially improve the quality of life in our city, the parking conditions and the traffic in our city. The new system changes our parking culture, and thus the use of our car”. Mr Boutaris concluded by mentioning that “The municipal revenues resulting from the installation of the new system will be directed towards the improvement of the traffic system of the city of Thessaloniki”.


On behalf of Intrakat, General Manager Mr. Charalambos Kallis stated: “It is an honor for us to cooperate with the municipality of Thessaloniki, a municipality that adopts innovation and new technologies to serve its citizens and seeks to improve the daily life in the city. We are confident that the residents and visitors will embrace the enhanced services of the new controlled parking project to their areas. It is a project that will help reduce traffic congestion in the “heart” of the city and will make parking easier and more functional for residents and visitors of the City. “