The new airport of Paros, delivered by INTRAKAT, starts operating

Press Release

Paiania Tuesday 19/07/2016 – With the “seal” of the Intrakat construction group begins its operation the new Paros airport, a project of a total budget of approximately 17.7 million euro.


The project which is very important for the development of tourism on the island was implemented in two phases, entirely by Intrakat, and  will start operating on Monday 25/07/2016.


The first phase included the construction of the new aircraft runway, with dimensions 2,000m x 30m and an operational length of 1.400m, connecting taxiways, aircraft parking floor, perimeter-service roads, supplies area, drainage technical works, lighting and signals, was publicly funded.


The second phase included the construction of a building for the temporary operation of the air terminal; in specific the construction of the building and E/M installations, the landscaping and car parking, the luggage hangar and accompanying projects, and was funded by the company Olympic Air and local businesses of Paros, under the auspices of the Municipality of Paros.


Mr. Petros Souretis, Intrakat group CEO, on the occasion of the completion of the project stated: “An essential project in the sectors of transportation and tourism was delivered, which will contribute significantly to the optimization of the provided services, the facilitation of passenger traffic and thus the development of tourism to Paros and Greece”.