INTRAKAT undertook a new project for the Public Power Corporation S.A. of 2.47 mil. euro

INTRAKAT signed a contract with the P.P.C. S.A. for a project of 2.47 mil. euro.
More specifically, the project regards the “REFITTING, CONSTRUCTION & ERECTION OF TWO CONVEYOR HEADS Β=1800ΜΜ AND CONSTRUCTION OF SUPPLEMENTARY EQUIPMENT FOR THE NEW JUNCTION AT THE KARDIA MINE – SECTOR 6 OF THE LIGNITE CENTRE OF WEST MACEDONIA (Enquiry DMAOR-102)”. The object of the contract includes the study, procurement, construction, disassembly, transfer, assembly, refitting, erection and testing. The project is expected to be completed in autumn 2007.

INTRAKAT group of companies, a member of INTRACOM HOLDINGS group, equipped with the competitive advantages of advanced know-how and long experience in the field of construction, as well as specialized human resources, undertakes complex public and private projects, offering high-quality services and solutions in Greece and abroad. By undertaking new projects INTRAKAT proves in effect the dynamics it has developed in designing and providing compound and specialized solutions, always based on the high quality specifications required.