Incorporation of INTRACOM Ltd Skopje

In compliance with article 4 of the Capital Market Commission’s Board of Directors Regulation 5/204/14.11.2000 on disclosure requirements
from Companies listed on the Athens Stock Exchange, it is reported that INTRAKAT S.A., jointly with INTRACOM S.A., proceeded with the incorporation of a Limited Liability Company under the corporate name “INTRACOM Ltd Skopje”, based in Skopje, FYROM, whose share capital comes to two hundred thousand (200.000) Euros, and in which our Company participates by 30% and INTRACOM S.A.
by 70%.

The line of activities of “INTRACOM Ltd Skopje” is the implementation, installation and maintenance of all types of technical projects (including their equipment), the supply of telecom equipment and communications systems, the import-export, supply, installation, management, implementation and “turn-key” delivery of telecom, electronic, electromechanical hardware and software, control & measurement devices and information systems, the repairing and maintenance of telecom equipment and IT systems, as well as services provision ranging from technical support and maintenance to consulting, research and studies preparation on the implementation of all types of projects (software, telecom systems, IT systems, etc).

Furthermore, the Company will be active in commercial activities abroad and particularly, in financial, organizational, and technological services provision, consulting and engineering services for the telecommunications sector abroad, marketing of telecom and IT terminal equipment, provisioning services for guest hospitality, international transports and representation of foreign trading houses.