Broadband Infrastructure in Rural “White” Areas of the Greek Territory

Project Information

Development of Broadband Infrstructure in Rural “White” Areas of the Greek Territory and Services for the Exploitation-Development of the Infrstructure via PPP – Geographical Area 2

Public Administrator of the project: Information Society SA, Public Private Partnership (PPP).

Private Administrator of the project: Rural Connect Broadband Networks Societe Anonyme for a Specific Scope (association of Intrakat & Intracom Holdings)

 Site: Areas of the Greek territory (South Aegean, North Aegean, Western Greece, Epirus, Thessaly, Ionian Sea Islands, Central Greece)

Description: The purpose of the PPP contract is the development broadband network infrastructure with open access model in rural “white ares” and the provision of broadband wholesale services to  electronic service providers, licensed by the EETT (Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission), with the ultimate goal of providing reliable and modern broadband services to the population of the target regions, adopting a model that will allow the sustainable use and operation of the infrastructure in the long term, while encouraging competition.

It is compulsory that the following wholesale services, which will cover the following levels, are provided:

Level 1: Access Services in passive infrastructure and network facilities

Level 2: Capacity Services

Level 3: Wholesale broadband access services (bit-stream).

Duration of operation: 15 years

Broadband Infrastructure in Rural “White” Areas of the Greek Territory map