Peania, Wednesday 06 March 2013 – INTRAKAT recently signed a new contract with HEDNO S.A (Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator S.A.) for the project “Installation of Telemetering System for Major Low Voltage Customer Meters” with a total contractual value of 19,83 mil euro plus V.AT.

The system shall be installed at an area of Athens, on a property owned by HEDNO S.A and it involves the engineering, design and construction of the total Measurement Data Telemetering and Processing System (Primary and Back-up) offered, with a capacity to communicate with 100.000 meters, its  supply and installation, its testing, commissioning and delivery to HEDNO S.A

Moreover, the project includes the supply, installation and integration into the System of electricity meters along with mobile telephony communication equipment (modems), the metering devices of 60.000 major Low Voltage customers of Distribution Network, belonging to the Interconnected and Non-Interconnected System and the provision of all relevant services for the integral construction of the project.

Specifically, the Contract shall be implemented in a “turn key solution” basis and is expected to include comprehensive design, supply and installation of the equipment, the execution of all requisite tests and configuration and the delivery to HEDNO S.A, of the following:

  • Measurement Data Telemetering and Processing Centre for all Major Low Voltage Customers of the Distribution Network (Primary and Back-Up) and
  • Supply, installation and integration into the System of meters and communication equipment (modems) of the low voltage metering points of the distribution network

The project is expected to be completed within 26 months upon Contract’s signing date